Change & Learning Solutions

We transform organizations with Systemic Managerial Interventions, Taylor Made Training and building Leadership Behaviors.

We remove barrieres and obstacles, in a fast, flexible, innovative and effective way, to illuminate the real development opportunities, and challenge leaders to commit to real actions and a continuous awareness.

In a few words, we are Change Agents who love to enrich talent and make things happen.

Our Method is behavioural training(*) and we are passionate about enriching and transforming Talent, making it grow.

We have created around us a team of expert, passionate, competent and extremely effective consultans, whose only goal is to help you achieve your learning objectives.

As trainers we behave being aware that is not only the possession of the information (the know-how) or merely the experience (the know what) that makes us more capable or competitive, but the right blend of these two elements with our capability to be able to transmit in a challenging, understandable and usable (the know how to be) what needs to be transmitted during the training session, so to being able to create the desired behaviors. 

(*) I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand

What we do: key areas

Communicate: presenting, interacting,persuading, negotiating, influencing, summarizing, conducting complex speeches, writing, reporting, giving and receiving feedback.

Sales: creating trust, overcoming expectations, retaining customers, understanding latent needs, storytelling the value proposition, avoiding objections, managing problems positively, closing contracts, understanding and delivering customer service, get results.

Leading: motivating, inspiring a vision, sharing the urgency of change, appreciate the contribution of the individual, facing complex challenges, directing, managing emotions, focusing, sharing results and celebrating small victories, developing, aligning.

Building together: generate trust, create a positive environment, solving problems, facing difficulties, giving support, reciprocity and collaboration, understanding others.

How we do it: 3 characteristics of GoodGrowth 

When we design a training project we spend quality time with our Client, to really understand his/her needs and  to “see things the way the way they sees them”, so to identify the best way to achieve what needs to be achieved. We believe this is the most effective way to design together a project that adds real value to the customer and that creates a positive impact on the business.