Our Philosophy

Open was founded in 2005 and since we are proud of the reputation we have built for the excellence, quality and lateral thinking we put in our work. Our state of mind is that of standing out as the essential among Headhunting and HR function Leadership processes, thereby facilitating the self-actualization of individuals and organizations. Our purpose is that of solving our clients' problems and those of the organizations they operate in, by leaving a significant trace in their lives and development.

As a firm, our values are:

Open & Transparent

We believe in open, continuous and transparent relationships with our clients and candidates, permeated by trust among people. We are authentic.

Fast & Effective

We are against the "Here today, gone tomorrow” but we believe in fast and effective results.

Smart Execution

We strive proactively for smart execution, with focus and operational discipline.


Our clients' needs belong to us 24/7. Aware. Loyal. Conscious.


We are creative, which means we are able to recognize and apply ideas which may originate from both inside and outside our organization.

Proud To Belong

When Marco M. Alemagna decided to found his own firm, in 2005, his vision was to create a new industry standards in the search industry, providing boutique executive search services in literally every corner of the world. This is why we are proud members of IRC Global Executive Search Partners since 2011, allowing us a growing presence in 80 cities over 45 countries.