Services offered by Open comprise practically all aspects of Talent Management. With high level of demand and professionalism, our team of consultants is specialized in helping your company maximize the results of your business through people, and we are used to supporting our clients through change processes as well as leadership and organizational effectiveness development.

In this dimension we are able to work together with you with our tailor made approach, on:

  • Talent Management & Succession Planning

We can help you define your Talent Management Strategy and identify and calibrate your potential talent, develop an organisational pipeline and the processes to manage your talent development. Our approach differentiates talent capability using our strong international experience, leading edge research and tools and processes built using this data.

We can use the appropriate tools to identify those with high "Learning Agility" and therefore high potential in your organization.

  • Organizational Strategy & Development

Change is fast and growth is slow, and a company's organizational model is strictly linked to its success in the marketplace. As "Organizational Architects" we provide you with an external strategic vision, objective and qualified, based on our deep experience gained in years of collaboration with all type of organizational models. We are able to use the most innovative tools to help your organisation understand the mission critical capabilities for achieving your strategies.

Our facilitation approach guides you through the process, supports the implementation of the outcomes and can certify appropriate internal facilitators for future independent use within your organization.

  • Change Management & Transformation

Organizational Change is often the goal of our projects. We may provide consultancy to lead a change program or we may help to develop a program of behavioral change which will shape the organizations future in a more subtle way.

So why does Change create so much apprehension? Why do we struggle with the processes? Why are people afraid of its implications? Why do they seem to change one minute and then spring back to old behaviours? What is the secret of making change sustainable in your business?

Does this sound all too familiar?

Perhaps your business model is changing to meet new demands and there is tension between cost control and the need for growth and innovation. You are driving a programme of technological and process improvements to increase performance. Your current managers can cope with managing the status quo but they find leading the changes in your business a real challenge. Have you considered using internal change agents but don't know how to select and train them?

You know where you want to get to….But you don't know how to get there!

You want your managers to accept that this is a core leadership capability; you want them to understand their own capacity to influence others and the human impact of change. You want them to support others and get them excited rather than threatened by it. You expect them to be able to manage their own expectations; feel back in control and be able to develop an on-going change capability and resilience. Above all you need to see a significant increase in engagement over an extended time period.

Choose Open as your guide:

Our style models "best coaching practice".

We work closely with you to navigate the journey in line with your vision and values and your change strategy. Our style models "best practice". We "walk the talk" by empowering and encouraging personal responsibility. Our approach gets to the "Heart of Change" so that people recognise themselves, their behaviours and their blockages. Our hands-on business focused projects accelerate the learning and we leave people with simple tools that enable them to repeat their successes. We quickly make people "change-able".

We have extensive experience of Inspiring Change in organisations

Open can help create a Framework that enables everyone within the organisation to cope with change.

Some executives would be happy if they could just create change of any sort, let alone sustainable change! Creating change however is no different to creating anything else. You need, the right ingredients and the commitment to follow the steps in the recipe. Anyone who has even tried to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture knows only too well the fun that you can have if you have all of the ingredients but you choose to ignore the recipe!

Open helps senior executives create a vision for the organization and clarify the process of change. We can help produce a clear communications plan, committing everyone to the changes, avoiding rumour and fostering positive attitudes.

Management must also learn how to manage the personal worries, uncertainties and long term fears of people and, often the hardest task of all, they must become role models for change.

With Open you can learn how to manage the process of change and reap the benefits rather than struggling to survive the changes and suffering the consequences.

  • Inspirational Speaking

Marco M. Alemagna is Managing Director of Open. He has drawn from his experiences as an international HR Director whilst facilitating and delivering a number of leadership and others training sessions around the globe and translated them into a series of accessible, motivating and inspirational speeches that provide an insight into this exciting world and which can inspire large numbers of people as part of your conference, team meeting, launch-event or presentation dinner.