Executive Coaching is nowadays a tool for growth and a change driver of recognized effectiveness for professionals, developed in the last years with excellent results at short, medium and long term. Coaching programs provide the senior manager with clear, independent orientation in a consistent and practical way. They also aim at reaching his/her self-knowledge as a professional, optimizing abilities and career management. In addition, Executive Coaching, is an effective learning method, that conveys unquestionable advantages to the executive's personality and management style. Assertiveness, charisma, a developed capacity for decision making, autonomy, independence or self-motivation are some of them.

Coaching techniques are applicable both on an individual basis or as a tool for the development of high performance teams (Group Coaching).

Executive Coaching

In addition there exist another set of specific abilities, crucial for any senior executive facing the challenges derived from the management exercise. 

Group Coaching

The Group Coaching is a team-working methodology that applies the techniques of the Executive Coaching in the activation of working teams. The performance of the Facilitator will orientate the effort and participation of each individual in the discussion focuses, ensuring the efficiency in the session.

In a constant search for innovation, our team designs new methodologies for Group Coaching for each project. We deploy situational techniques and exercises where participants' creativity and emotions are tested with great exposure. Cinema and performing arts, gastronomy and cooking or sport activities like hiking and cycling on a volcano are some of the disciplines we often use with success.

The Group Coaching is also a phenomenal growth and development path towards professional excellence. This methodology intervenes on those areas of professional improvement that make the difference between good and great teams.