Food for Thought

Professor Pookong Kee on the Higher Education System in Australia and Asia

Rohan Carr, IRC Australia | 17.12.2018

Professor Pookong Kee, currently Director of the University of Melbourne's Asia Institute has recently been appointed as the next BHP Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University. Professor Kee brings a unique perspective with his extensive experience at senior levels both in Australia and within Asia. We recently caught up with Professor Kee and discussed emerging issues in higher education in the region.

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Can Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Job Change?

Melissa Nielson, IRC Japan | 05.12.2018

Changing jobs can be a challenging process. From interview anxiety to long waiting periods without a response, changing jobs can begin to take a toll on you. Fortunately, developing and understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) can make this process easier. EI has been increasingly discussed because of its importance in effective leadership, however, emotional intelligence applies to all aspects of life including changing jobs.

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Why literally ‘showing the way’ might not be the most effective way to lead

Torben Nørby, IRC Denmark | 21.11.2018

In business as in life, we tend to expect our leaders to have an inherent ability to show the way, and to act as role models for the behaviour they expect to see from others.

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Career Success in the Digital Age

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, IRC South Africa | 13.11.2018

What’s going to put you ahead of the other 1 billion talented people out there? We’d all like to believe that a combination of talent and hard work will lead to career success. This is partly true. Talent and hard work may lead to some success – if you measure success according to a good job at a solid company.

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The Proper Way to Resign

Laura Gonzalez, IRC USA and Mexico - The QualiFind Group | 28.10.2018

There is a right way and a wrong way to resign from your job. Do it the right way to ensure the long-term well being of your career.

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Why Leaders Need to Flex Their Style to Meet Business Needs

Torben Nørby, IRC Denmark | 24.09.2018

As a 25 year veteran of business leadership, one of the most important things I’ve been reminded of during my recent research is that, as leaders, we should never stop learning our craft or honing our skills.

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Leadership Transformation in the Age of Disruption

Grace Abella-Zata | 14.09.2018

Technology and digitalization are demanding leadership transformation. Several broadly applicable recommendations to guide forward-thinking organizations in the era of omnipresent disruption emerged during IRC Global Executive Search Partners’ C-Suite Roundtable Discussions held in Singapore, Amsterdam, and Miami in early 2018.

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Innovation & Agility - Part 9/9: Identifying and Developing Innovative Talent

| 03.09.2018

In the final part of IRC’s 9-part video series on Innovation & Agility in collaboration with the Georgia State University of Atlanta, the expert panel at the IRC Global Conference 2017 in Shanghai elaborate on how they identify and develop innovative talent in their organisations.

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Innovation & Agility - Part 8/9: Women Leading Innovation

| 27.08.2018

In this 8th part of IRC’s 9-part video series on Innovation & Agility made in collaboration with the Georgia State University, the expert panel at the IRC Global Conference 2017 in Shanghai explain how women can and do help drive innovation from within their organizations in China.

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Innovation & Agility - Part 7/9: The Elements of Innovation

| 20.08.2018

Our expert panel at IRC Global Conference “Innovation & Agility: The New World” in Shanghai in Autumn 2017 tell us what they think the main elements of innovation are, in this 7th part of IRC’s 9-part video series with the Georgia State University of Atlanta.

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